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BOUDIN Léonard

Léonard BOUDIN is one of the greatest cabinetmaker from the 18th century. He is remarkable for his talent but also for his innovative commercial strategy.
Léonard BOUDIN was born in 1735 into a working class family. First he lives in rue Faubourg Saint Antoine and after rue Saint Nicolas in Paris. He starts to work with Pierre MIGEON. BOUDIN specializes in Chinese lacquer and also in floral marquetry. In 1761, he obtained a master degree and starts to work for himself but also continues to (...)

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Brood of cupids, oil on canvas by Henry Pierre PICOU

In the early 19th century classical antiquity was popular, pushed by the rediscovery of sites like Pompeii and Herculaneum. In this context the Neo-grec movement emerged, breaking free from academic painting: subjects are no more moral, but lighter and reinterpretating freely antiquity. The birth of this movement is signed by the exposition of “The Cock Fight” of Jean-Leon Gerôme at the Salon of 1847, painting praised by critics. So Th. Gautier creates the term “Neo-grec”, making of Gerôme the (...)

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